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Don’t let me wither away…

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

July 10, 2012

Don’t let me wither away…
For months and months after my Mom passed away, this was the gist of most of my prayers. For 20 years of my life, my Mom was the woman who kept me afloat. I knew no matter what happened in my life, I could always fall back on her. Then she was gone. So now what? Who do I fall back on when I mess up, need help, need advice, need a way out? Dear Lord, please don’t let me wither away…
A few weeks prior while I was on a run with Hope, a little daisy caught my eye, so I reached down and plucked it and gave it to her. I figured, if we’ve gotta run this thing, might as well have a little humor on way.  So today while running alone, I thought I would pick up another flower and give it to her when I got home. While running, I realized that I still had another 1.5 miles to go and the little flower wouldn’t likely make it home looking as pretty as it did. So, I cupped the stem in my sweaty hand hoping that would give it the hydration in needed to survive the trek back home. A great idea I thought, but it wasn’t working. So, I ran faster, and the Lord began to speak louder. He said to me,” Dear child, how long will you let someone else hold to keep you alive? They may promise to keep you hydrated, but you will not survive. Only I can provide you with the water you need. I will keep you as a beautiful flower.”
 I nearly came to my knees as He encouraged my heart, and when I wound the corner, there was a patch of dandelions. Each one was beautiful, healthy and bright, because they were firmly connected to their root. I looked at the flower withering away in my hand, and saw myself at different points in my life. I dropped my head and raised that withered away flower to the sky and told the Lord, allow me to pluck myself from myself, and transplant myself into Your garden. Is there any room for me there, Lord? Oh please, I want your soil, I want your light. Hydrate my soul and make me grow.
 As He closed the door once and for all with my fear of withering away, He said, “I won’t let you wither away, but don’t let anyone pluck you from me. Come to my garden. I will take care of you. I will make you grow to be beautiful and strong.”
 Hang on sister and don’t let anyone pluck from the source of life. We will all get to heaven some day, but how about we get there looking beautiful for our Savior and not like a wilted flower.

Diva Devo…

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

July 5, 2012

Being still is step one. Looking to Him is step two. Smiling big is step three.
 Recently, I accompanied the McCauley family to Ft. Boreman in WV to take some family pictures for the grandparents. There were eight in total, ranging from ages 14 to 3. You can only imagine how many pictures had to be taken in order to get the perfect one. Everything was going great, except the smallest child Margie, was having a difficult time standing still and looking at the camera. After she began to get less and less compliant, Linda pulled out the candy trick. Every time they took a picture, Linda said to Margie, “Look up here at this candy in my hand!” Without fail, Margie looked up, smiled, and a perfect picture was taken. Shot after shot.
 While sitting behind the camera observing this, I began to think, how often does God want me to look at Him, the photographer, and I am totally resistant. In my heart, I want to be in the center of God’s will, and have that ‘perfect picture’ taken, but I am not willing to stop doing what I want to do and just simply look at Him. God has already planned every single portrait, but it’s hard for him to get the shot He is pleased with if we are not doing our part and being obedient .Most certainty, the picture won’t be what it is supposed to be if we are not looking at Him.
 It’s so hard to remain completely focused on God every moment,, but luckily He’s got the candy, and we will always like what He has to offer us. For me, that piece of candy is His Word, His Holy Spirit and His promises of love regardless of my wayward flesh.
 So, are you willing to stop fidgeting? Are you willing to surrender and acknowledge that you cannot plan the ‘perfect picture’? Be still, look at the photographer, and smile big, because if you do, it’s going to be a beautiful shot.

Wait for it…

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

June 26, 2012

While flying on a plane recently back home to WV, I sat on the runway for ever! You’ve been there, done that, right? It’s so much easier to be sitting in the air, rather than on the ground. I just wanted to G-O!! The bigger picture was, however, the plane wasn’t ready to go yet. We had to get the luggage loaded, refueled; pilots geared up, and lastly, wait for multiple planes to take off in front of us-all very necessary steps in order for us to have a successful flight.

In our lives, how often do we find ourselves sitting and waiting? Waiting to buy a new house, a new car, waiting to get married, have kids, have a job, finish school, waiting in line, waiting to get better, waiting for a loved one to get better? At some point we are all just waiting. As we kept waiting on the runway, I continued to read my book that’s teaching me to pray Gods word. With each prayer, I began to realize that I myself was not near as ready for my trip home as I thought I was. I needed that waiting period on the runway for God to work in my heart. It’s a bitter sweet trip home, as I am stepping back into one of the most life changing weeks of my life-celebrating my Mom’s 1 year anniversary of entering into heaven. A line from one of my favorite sermons goes like this, “Sometimes what seems to be like a painful waiting room is actually Gods most productive workroom.” Though my waiting room was a temporary one on a runway, the Lord used it as a production room and got some work done in my heart. He fueled my heart, loaded me with luggage of scripture and truths I will need for this week, and established a confidence in my heart, reminding me that He was my pilot and we would have a successful flight.

So, maybe you are in a waiting room? If not, you will be. When that happens, don’t spend your time waiting for what God is going to do tomorrow, and open your eyes to what He is going to do today. Let Him use that time of what seems to be monotonous waiting to prepare you for the flight ahead. You’ll be glad you did, and He will too.