Your Hand at Every Turn!

Your Hand at Every Turn!


In the corner bedroom where mother (and many others) slept while we were in Houston, I find a new computer! I slipped in here to journal, Father, before we leave this morning!


Prior to leaving Spartanburg we asked You to allow us to see Your hand at every turn – just like we did before we came to Houston the first time! You want us to see You in all the details, don’t You? You aren’t hiding, are You? We just have to be looking – I am!  Your heart and desire is that all may know You! And so You are constantly revealing Yourself to us! You promise in Your word that “you will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.” I want to be seeking You with all of my heart!


A Dorman coaching family “just happened” to be arriving at the airport at the same time we arrived at the airport Sunday morning – dear friends that we usually see during football season! You have used their lives many times to encourage ours! They have traveled a little ahead of us on this journey of life and the strength and grace You have given them has been a witness to us! Their oldest son “just happened” to be leaving for Africa on a mission trip!  Immediately, Lord, You placed in my heart a desire to send Hannah’s story to Africa again! So I asked Zach if he would take a copy of  “A Dove Set Free” and a copy of the DVD. I am contining to ask You to do “immeasurably more, exceedingly abundantly above anything I could ask or imagine to the praise of Your glory” through Hannah’s life and I am always looking for ways to cooperate with You! I was only going to Houston – he was going to Africa! His shirt was red and said “Rescue.” We are to rescue, aren’t we Lord? We are to rescue those that are perishing – those that need the eternal hope that only Jesus Christ can give! As I hugged his neck, I prayed that perhaps You might give him a mother who has lost a child to share it with! Oh Father, You know whose hands it might end up in – would You use it in ways I would never dream or imagine to the praise of Your glory? I don’t need to know! I just desire for You to use it as an instrument of Your truth! Use it to rescue someone!!


We board the airplane and for the first time that I can ever remember the announcement welcomes us to the “One World Global Airline Alliance!” We are in the Greenville Spartanburg airport Lord but the announcement sounds a little like the “Left Behind” series! “One World Global” – and You remind me once again that we are marching on Your time table, aren’t we Lord? Your truth, Your plan, Your purposes are being accomplished! You are bringing all things under One head – ultimately it will be Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ! Even so come, Lord Jesus!


You know, Lord, this will perhaps be the last morning I will ever walk in Mrs. Harrison’s neighborhood! It is so beautiful – right in the middle of the city! I want to enjoy Your creation! I will finish journaling in San Antonia! Thank You Father for showing us Your hand so specifically from the very beginning of our trip before we even stepped on the plane! I am looking for You today, Lord!

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