Out of control, not a bad place to be…

Clay and I were chilling on the deck last night after grilling out for Father’s Day and I told him that I feel a little out of control of most every area of my life right now. I downloaded the 2009/2010 school calendar and when I saw May 28, 2010 as the day for Caleb’s graduation, I almost lost my breath. I don’t even want to allow my mind to go there yet! Clay’s work is going great but very busy so there’s much that needs to be done around the house that he typically does. Our personal calendar stays absolutely packed, mainly because we have no idea how to pronounce N-O so there’s much around the house that I typically do that needs to be done. And we are in prayer and great anticipation to see what God does next with Hannah’s Hope Ministries. He always has something up His sleeve. I just wish He’d give me a peek!

So Clay’s response to my comment was, “You’ll feel that way until you relinquish control.” My first thought was, “If I’m out of control, how do I relinquish control?” Then I thought of the popular song, “Jesus Take the Wheel.” The gist of the message in that song is that she loses control of her car on ice and all she can do is pray, “Jesus, take the wheel!” Then she applies it to her spiritual life as well. I had to admit that I’m gripping the wheel with both hands – so tightly that my knuckles are white!

When we get to that place in our lives, we must let go and let God have control. When He takes over, everything is His responsibility. If I’m allowing Him to have full control, things can only turn out for my good! So I guess what I’m admitting to you, my dearest web friends and family, is that being out of control is not a bad place to be…if we give the controls to the Father.

sunset-on-maplecroft1Clay and I talked a while longer and then we took Jax for a walk. As soon as we stepped out of the house into the front yard, the attachedĀ is a snapshot of our view. If God can control such a beautiful sunset and create a postcard picture for me in my own front yard, surely He can handle my little ole busy heart. Out of control, not a bad place to be…

“Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me.” (Psalm 31:3).


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