Check the source of your strength…

My friend, Carmela’s dad had an accident yesterday. I’m not sure all of the details but I know that he was working on a tractor and decided to prop it up by throwing a rope over a large limb and tying it up. The limb broke and fell on her dad’s leg and broke the leg just above the ankle. He told Carmela that as he lay on the ground after being hit he realized that the tree was dead. She told me the story this morning and of course I said, “There’s a lesson to be learned here. I’m gonna steal this and use it for my devotional today!” Not until after I offered my sympathy and said a prayer for him, of course…

Quite often we latch onto something or someone that we think will provide strength and stability, without looking to God for wisdom and direction. We do not check the source of that strength. We trust the source and they let us down – fast and hard. When we’re lying on our backs looking up to the Lord for help, He then gives us a glimpse of the source through His wisdom and direction and we see that it was dead, rotten, providing no life at all. Only destruction. Prayerfully we escape with nothing more serious than a broken bone. But sometimes our entire spirits are broken.

dead-trees1What are you latching on to today? Have you checked the source of your strength? Have you asked the Lord for insight and wisdom or are you depending on a dead source? Check the source of your strength…before you take a fall.

“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always” (1 Chronicles 16:11).

Thank you, Mr. Donald for allowing me to use you today! I pray your leg heals quickly!


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