Boston 2012!

You know Lord, it is so funny how many places You have allowed me to go because of football!  This weekend it was to Boston!  What an amazing trip!  What incredible people!  What a different view than I have grown accustomed to!  Thank You for giving us the opportunity to see different sites – walk the Freedom Trail where the Puritans endeavored to built the city on a hill, where Paul Revere launched his midnight ride, warning, “The British are coming!”  We sat in the “Old North Church” where we were reminded of the code, “One if by land, two if by sea!” And we stood upon Bunker Hill where the command was given, “Don’t shoot til’ you see the whites of their eyes!”  We walked through the cemeteries where Ben Franklin’s parents, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere were buried. And enjoyed a delicious meal in America’s oldest restaurant, “The ‘Ole Union Oyster House” including Clam Chowdah!!  We stood at the scene of the Boston Massacre and I learned that “5” men were actually killed in that “bloody massacre.”  We toured the USS Constitution.  And Mickey, my husband and U.S. History teacher for the last 28 years was very appropriately – my personal tour guide!!

We met many amazing folks in Boston and on the way to and from!  I met Danielle on the airplane going to Boston early Saturday morning – a beautiful young lady – a college senior in Florida – she was heading to Boston for a family wedding. And because she was a senior in college, close to Hannah’s age, I took the opportunity to share Hannah’s journey with her – I love to gain insight into what Hannah might be doing or thinking if she still lived here!  Danielle asked if I ever shared Hannah’s story – maybe one day You will allow me to meet up with Danielle again – maybe on a college campus in Florida.

We met Tara from Serbia on the subway – she was getting ready to catch a plane back to Serbia. She had been in the United States of America for 4 months – she loved it here – she was anxious to see her family but torn about leaving these great United States and the “spiritual-ness” she felt here. She is a second year college student. I gave her the HHM website – I would love to hear from her!

And on the Ferry we rode from the end of the Freedom Trail back into the heart of downtown Boston, we met 5 young people who sat right across the aisle facing us.  We had on orange – in Boston, orange stood out – not like in Tiger Country where it just blends in.  All five of these young adults had graduated from Clemson – several of them in 2011 – the year Hannah would have graduated from Clemson. I thought of every name I knew trying to make a connection. The connection – Mauldin High School – one of the girls was at the Homecoming game the night Hannah was crowned queen.  How small is Your world, Lord? How big are You to allow that to happen?

And then there was Alyssa – she was lugging the fullest “Vera Bradley” bag I have seen since Hannah used to fill hers so full! Alyssa was a college freshman at Emanuel College in Boston – it was her first time going home for the weekend and her first time to be riding the subway in downtown Boston by herself. Yikes!! We helped with her bag and I was so thankful to see her get across the street back to her campus. She left us a message on the HHM website telling us she had arrived safely and shared the story of her own mother dying of cancer when she was only 4 years old. Wow, what a small world You have, Lord, what a small world.

We met Janna – a young music teacher in Boston. She teaches theory, appreciation and a myriad of music classes to young children. She had been in town that evening enjoying a delicious meal. When we returned home, I had a message from Janna – what a small world You have Lord, what a small world.

And then on the last subway ride back to the motel the night before we were to leave I sat down beside L?  She is 16 years old and attends an alternative school. L became quite defensive when I asked if she was from Boston – “why do you care?” was her response. When she told me she wasn’t an “ordinary teenager” Mickey quickly responded that we had had three teenagers and all of them were very different. In the moments that followed, I watched the girl behind the hard shell soften a bit – and I shared about my children – all three of them – and about my daughter who lives in heaven now. I pray she will read Hannah’s story and learn of Hannah’s faith.

Over and over this weekend I watched You use Hannah’s life to open doors of opportunity for me to plant little seeds into the lives of young people – it was such a blessing Lord – such a blessing!  Thank You!  You just want us to be available to You – You just want us to plant seeds, don’t You? We may throw seeds that fall on hard or rocky ground and they may get snatched away or we may throw seeds in fertile ground that will take root quickly and grow down deep into Your truth! All You ask us to do is throw seed – You are the One who takes care of the seed and You are the One who waters it where it is planted! Each of us are tiny little parts in the master plan You are working!  You just want us to be faithful in our little part of the plan and You will watch over the fulfillment of the Master Plan!

Oh Jesus, thank You for allowing me to see Your hand everywhere I looked this weekend – help me be a seed planter every day I have breath in my body – allow me to point others to the God of Peace and Joy and perfect Rest!!!  In Your Name, I ask and pray!!  Amen!!

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