Each new day again I’ll choose…

Each new day again I’ll choose…none but Jesus.

I just heard the above song on Pandora, and for the first time I realize why Joshua said, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). It is a daily decision. We are faced with so many distractions, new and old, every single day. The decision to choose Christ must be a daily choice. I heard a speaker say concerning marriage that it is a daily decision to be faithful. You can’t decide when you say “I do” that you’ll be faithful and expect that commitment to last. You have to renew that commitment every single day, because every single day temptations will be dangled in your face. The same is true for our Christian walk. We can’t make the decision the day we accept Christ to choose Him and expect that commitment to last without effort. There’s too much vying for our attention, too much tempting us to choose otherwise. We must decide each new day before our feet hit the floor that today I’ll choose none but Jesus. It’s a daily, sometimes multiple times a day, choice. Each new day¬†again I’ll choose none but Jesus.

Have you made that commitment today? I pray you have, and I pray you’ll continue to.


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