Amazed by Your Grace – Again!

Your grace, Lord, still amazes me! Your grace still amazes me! Oh Father, those words will be etched and written on my heart forever from the song we listened to hundreds of times!  I am astounded by the depth of Your grace! Your grace has no limit, Your power has no boundary known unto man. For out of Your infinite riches in Jesus, You give and You give and You give again! Bless You Father!

You know Lord, as I’ve been pondering the truths of grace You have been writing on my heart, You bring to mind another truth a friend shared with me this week. You have just blown me away in a new way by the fact that not only is my salvation by grace through faith alone but my daily Christian walk, experience, and victory in You, is by grace through faith. One day at a time – by grace through faith. Trusting You today for today’s grace and anticipating You tomorrow for tomorrow’s grace.  My friend said, “Yeah, and the more faith, the more grace!” The more faith, the more grace. Oh Father, I loved that! The more we believe You, the more grace You pour over our lives! The more grace You must pour over our lives! You know Lord, I think that might be true!

It was certainly true in Hannah’s life – she believed You without question and reservation – completely and wholly. And You poured amazing amounts of grace over her life – to the point that You amazed me! You are pouring amazing amounts of grace over our lives – I am looking for and anticipating that grace every single day! Every single day, I understand how completely desperate I am for Your grace.

I anticipated Your grace for yesterday all week long Lord. I was trusting that You were going to show up in the fullness of Your grace.  And in my heart I fully believed You would. I needed an extra measure of Your grace yesterday, Lord, as we celebrated Hannah’s 20th birthday without her!  20 years ago yesterday, You began teaching me in a whole new way about Your grace. The gift of Your grace in the birth and life of a child. The gift of Your grace as You patiently taught me to be a mother and encouraged my heart through some difficult times those first few weeks. The gift of Your grace as You led me as a young mother. The gift of Your grace as I allowed You to hold my tongue in many situations and the gift of Your grace when I blew it so badly as a mother. The gift of Your grace in drawing my heart to pray purposefully and deliberately over the lives of my children.  

You poured out Your grace yesterday Lord, and I bless and thank You! We determined it would be a day of celebration and it was!  Hannah always loved having a lot going on – and we did yesterday! From a wonderful breakfast with the football team where You held back the rain, to different precious seasons of prayer and sharing with Nancy and Hallie, and Wendy and Caroline, to phone calls and messages, to cards and notes, to surprise visits from Joy, Alexia and Cathy, to e-mails, to yellow roses and mums, to a precious letter from a friend who shared the way Hannah had touched her life through pen, to a gathering of coaches and their families last night around food to celebrate Your goodness at the beginning of another season, to just the right added dish to our celebration last night. What a blessing the day was, Father. Thank You! Thank You! I recognize Your hand without question!  And I know that it was all by Your grace!

Today, Lord, I anticipate Your grace again. I have already needed Your grace this morning. I have already needed Your wisdom – Oh Father, help me look to You with anticipation today! And Lord, You know a few days ago when I told You I wanted to see Your glory – You took me to my rose bush in the front yard which hadn’t bloomed in several months and You pointed out 2 new beautiful red flowers that had just come this week of Hannah’s birthday. I recognize that gift of Your grace Father! And there were even purple flowers blooming up my mail box this week – that must have taken an added measure of Your grace in September! Thank You Father! I saw and recognized that display of Your glory!

And Lord, maybe to top it all off, yesterday morning on the day of Hannah’s birthday, Carpenters for Christ began renovations for the new Hannah’s Hope Ministry office at the Carolina Pregnancy Center! I stand amazed by Your grace! Overwhelmed by Your goodness and Lord, I pray I haven’t seen anything yet! Use that place, where many come who don’t have it, to point others to the Hope in Jesus Christ that can only be found in relationship with You! Oh Bless You Father!

Speak truth over my heart through Your word just now. In Jesus name I pray with much thanksgiving, Amen!

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  • Kathy Dalton says:

    Deb, Thanks for blessing my heart with your faithfulness and praises. My feeble mind can only imagine what your heart must feel in those quiet hours of the night but I know what a mightly God we serve and how He sustains us in times of trouble.
    My prayers are with you and I know that together your family will be with Hannah again in Heaven where she will be whole again and you will never have to let her go or celebrate another birthday without her…..
    I love you and appreciate you so much. Thanks for the reminder to hold Emily closer through these “wonderful” teen years. Kathy

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