May 9 – Seven Years Later!

May 9 – Seven Years Later

You know Lord, I have a friend whose husband went to heaven 10 years ago – very quickly, very unexpected – in the course of a weekend.  He was strong and healthy – and then he was gone – just like that – in a matter of days!  It was Easter weekend. And every year since then when Good Friday comes around my thoughts go to her and her husband. I usually call her to let her know I am thinking about her. And as Good Friday is not always on the same day of the year when the actual date of his passing comes along, I remember him on that date also.

I remember having a conversation with Nancy and her commenting to me that she had one weekend of the year when she recounted all the events that were going on around her husbands quick illness and death – the school Easter parties – the end of school coming – the busyness of the spring, etc.  And then she went on to say that for the six months Hannah fought for her life, there were so many “dates” that were etched upon my heart – “dates” that I remember so many things occurring during the course of her being diagnosed and going to heaven. There are dates all during the year that trigger a thought about Hannah’s life and what was going on with her! Like the Prom that just passed – all the beautiful young girls dressed in their gowns – I always remember Hannah’s last Prom – end of her Jr. year of high school – all the pictures are still in my mind – not far below the surface!

I thought about that again yesterday – the 9th of November – and You know Lord, I think You remember all of those dates with me! You affirmed that in my heart yesterday! As I was leaving work late – going to visit a beautiful young lady who has a brain tumor and her precious family – You gave me a rainbow! It hadn’t been raining long – just long enough – and when I saw it, my mind went immediately to the double rainbows You gave us at the beginning of our journey with Hannah – You spoke so clearly to my heart that day and told me that You were going to keep all of Your promises to us! You have!

You knew that I needed that yesterday – 7 years to the day when we took Hannah to the Emergency Room – wow – what a flood of memories – memories that can instantly be played in full color in my minds eye – memories etched so deeply because of deep hurt and pain – memories that will be there for a lifetime!

It was such beautiful timing yesterday Lord – thank You for giving me the privilege of visiting with Meredith and her family – so much peace in that home – peace that passes understanding – peace in the midst of news that wasn’t good this week. Lord, You hold all the pieces of the puzzle – our eyes are still on You! Job said “as long as I have breath, I have hope!”  Hope of healing as we understand it – hope for a change in our circumstances – hope in our very limited understanding of what it is we are hoping for – but the reality is as soon as all our “hope” is gone on this earth, You will make our sight complete and we will understand that we don’t need hope anymore – our faith and hope will be made sight!  And all that will remain is Your love – the love of God! And we will understand Your love is all we need!

Jesus, I pray for Meredith and her family this morning – continue to wrap them in Your arms of peace – allow them to slip off to the beach – allow them to treasure every moment You give them – and take away all their fear – help them trust You one moment after the next – help them make something beautiful with every breath they have on this earth! And Jesus, if Your plan is to take her to heaven soon, please take her gently – just allow her to slip into Your presence – to wake up in Your arms!

Tonight Lord, there will be a lot of hurting folks who need Your encouragement at the Hangar – Oh Jesus, please be on Your A-game!  Please speak Your truth powerfully through this earthen vessel – In Your Name I ask and pray!  Amen!


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