Don’t miss opportunities…

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:5).

On Friday I was rushing from one point to another desperately trying to get it all in before leaving town for 10 days. I jumped on the elevator in the Gibbs Cancer Center and a young lady got on with me. I am so guilty of watching the numbers light up as I ride the elevator, my mind racing to my next thing to do and not chatting at all. But there was something about that lady that prompted me to talk to her. All I said was, “You have the prettiest face.” She looked up at me and her eyes immediately filled with tears. She said, “You don’t know how bad I needed to hear that. I don’t feel very pretty. I just recently divorced and I found out this morning that my ex-husband married his mistress last night.” Woe! I wasn’t expecting that one. I told her I was sorry and she said just a couple of more things and then I said, “You are a beautiful lady. Don’t forget that. I’m sorry you’re heart is breaking. I’ll be praying for you.” The doors opened, others got on and I got off. As the doors closed behind me, I prayed that I said just enough, not too much and not too little. I thought of so many things I could have said had I had time. That young lady was broken and I had no idea. All I knew was that I felt a strong urge to speak to her.

So here I am in Downers Grove, IL on the outskirts of Chicago and I imagine that there will be many opportunities for me to share hope today. I prayed this morning that not only would I not miss any of those opportunities, but that I would look for them. Dear Jesus, don’t let me run from one stop to another, pass the hotel concierge or the housekeeper or the desk attendant or a guest without sharing Your love with them. And only if necessary, I’ll use words. I don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Have a great day!




  • DI says:

    Hope, I pray God will use you and Clay as you are traveling. What great opportunities must be waiting for all of us if we keep our hearts in tune with God and our spiritual eyes opened!!
    Praying for ya’ll and love you much!

  • glenda benoit says:

    Kind words never fail. Just think what your comment did for that girl in the elevator. It takes so little time to say a kind word which will last so long.

  • Elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful prayer at the end of your post! It’s so simple, but so powerful…

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