Mickey and Debbie Sobeski are the parents of Hannah, Michael and Andrew. Mickey is very involved in the ministry and serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Deb’s Thoughts are journal entries straight from a humble mother’s heart. God has blessed Deb with the spiritual gift of prayer and she will share her heart-felt prayers often. You can view these by clicking on Deb’s Journal.


Uncle Clay is Deb’s brother. Uncle Clay and Hannah have been best friends since Hannah’s birth. God has blessed Uncle Clay with the privilege of being the President of Hannah’s Hope Ministries, and has blessed Aunt Hope with the honor of managing the ministry. They have one son, Caleb Cabiness.

Hope will share devotionals as well as keep you updated on the ministry. You can view these devotionals by clicking on, you guessed it! Hope’s Devotionals.

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  • Evie Keith says:

    Dear Ones:

    In doing a search for words to a song, the search led me to your site, but I do not find the words to the song. It is: I’m redeemed by grace diving, Glory, glory, Christ is mine. All to Him I now resign. I have been redeemed. Your site was the only one that I found to apparently have the words – but could go no further. If you ever run across this song, please let me know in what hymnal you found it – if convenient. If not, I am not offended. I have quite a library of music, but just cannot find this particular song. Had not thought of it in years and years and heard someone on TV this morning make a statement which jerked my memory and thus the search for it. Thanks so much.


  • Delores says:

    Hope, wow it’s been a long time since I seen or talk to you. I came across this while surfing. Wow I love it. I have a favor , and if you can’t I understand. I notice you you are in a Bible study( really I haven’t got to see what’s it all about, but I like what I seen so far.
    (FP4H study) Is this 4 of 1 ,and if so can I get (FP1H) study? If you can’t I understand. There is so much in this site I don’t know where to go ( which is a good thing). Any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate. From what I have seen so far I am excited to find out where to go and how to start. Thank you/
    God Bless,
    Delores McCraw

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