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  • Lisa Bredickas and Brenda Wells says:

    Hi Golden Girls,

    Mom and I just finished reading your blog post about your camping trip to honor “Randy.” Randy was a treasure to us all. I’m sure he is with Hubert and your dad, Uncle Junior. (all walking at peace and in perfect health) I am here with mom having a weekend getaway from Chase and Vince. However, I will return on Father’s Day to spend with Vince and Chase. Love the humor you all share as sisters. Norma, Mom, Wayne, and I have our own humor as well. (especially those day trips to Bryson City, the ballpark, and eating at Neighbors…what a name for a restaurant. Hope all is well with you “golden girls.” Mom misses you all…give her a call some time. If you are in Atlanta, give me a call…

  • glenda benoit says:

    Well, Hope, still have not found it but that’s okay we long as I know you all are praying for my faith through all of this – timing again – one of God’s greatest blessing will enter our lives at any time, my first grand child and breast cancer diagnosis almost at the same time so many blessings with bad news also. Can’t complain about having a perfect life, good husband and wonderful only child and now my little girl grand baby any day now.

  • Aunt Hope says:

    Mrs. Glenda, below is what I posted to the Prayer Request page – and yes ma’am we are praying for you and that precious little baby girl that is soon to arrive!…

    Oh, Glenda I am so sorry to read this news. You have been so faithful to read our devotionals and support the ministry. God has a way of preparing us, does He not? Please keep us posted on your journey. Absolutely, we will pray for grace, peace, strength, mercy and acceptance as you walk this out daily. Only today – that’s all you need to be concerned about. Please know we love you, though we’ve never met you, and we are praying for you!


  • Aunt Hope says:

    Hey, Lisa and Brenda. We had a great time. I would love to see you all – especially meet Chase! Yes, I know we need to stay in touch with you, Brenda. We miss you, too! Love you much.

  • Sandy Kelly says:

    Hope, I continue to read your message daily. I always take something away for the day. Looking forward to the movie. I feel such a part of the process because I was privy to walk through the journey Of Hannah through caring bridge and by talking with you weekly,monthly. You’ve become such a blessing by sharing the ” Good News”.
    Miss you

  • Hannah says:

    I was browsing the web to see the names of ministries and I found out this website. I love the story of hannah. I was thinking of hannahs hope ministry based on my life testimony. I was suprised to see on the page my childhood best memory verse which I memorised at the age of 7years the whole chapter of psams 121 in my own vernacular language. will visit the page again and praying God to use this website.

  • heather Walls says:

    I just heard about Hannah through Hannah’s Hope Judgement house. it was really moving and gave me a lil peace. I lost my dad in feb. of this year and its been a tough road. I brought my lil sis and her boyfriend to the jodgement house and they both accepted Christ. Thank you for your ministry. I am hopeing to get you all up to my college soon.

  • Earlene Conner says:


    Thank you so very much for your words and testimony today in our church. It was a message, not only for any who have lost loved ones, but all Christians, and an inspiration to me, especially. You are an amazing witness to the greatness of our Lord. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your family’s story of Hannah, who is obviously a special blessing to all of you each day still. Your selfless giving of yourselves, of your faith, and of her courage and faith is a powerful story for the world to know, and what joy to us that you and your family have realized God’s plan for Hannah’s life to be used to glorify Him and touch others that they may to come to know and love Him, as well.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you in His care until that day when you are all called home to reunite again with that “baby girl” who is a special blessing, to you and those who knew her.

    Thank you for the strength to follow God’s will in spreading what we all have in store for us one day—that glorious day when we shall all be truly home with Him.

    In Christian love,

  • Annsley Gresenz says:

    Hello. My husband, 1 year old daughter and I are in the middle of a move from Alaska to Alabama, with the last leg being a drive from Charlotte south on I-85. We passed Spartanburg many hours ago where I spotted a billboard for Hannah’s movie. I Googled it from my phone and wound up on her Caring Bridge site. I am familiar with Caring Bridge because my mom used it when my sister was in an accident. I read each entry, starting at the oldest and working my way up. We are now passing through Tuskegee, AL and I have not been able to put down your story. I just want you to know that I am praying/ will continue praying for your ministry and (because I’m a mom too) especially for Hannah’s mom’s continued strength. I couldn’t help but think of Mary, who also had to watch her child suffer pain and death. A Momma’s heart is a Momma’s heart no matter the time or place. Your family’s courage and faith is astounding, and what a beautiful daughter you have. She did God’s work on earth and now does it in Heaven! God bless.

  • Aunt Hope says:

    Wow, Annsley, what a shot in the arm for us at the Ministry! Thank you so much for a) taking the time to read Hannah’s story; and b) making the effort to get in touch with us! God is good and He is gracious and His mercies are new every morning. Hannah’s mom, Debbie is in Tylertown, MS this week where a church is telling Hannah’s story through a Judgement House drama. We stand back and watch God weave the threads of His plan and purpose for Hannah’s beautiful young life. Please pray for us in our efforts to share Hannah’s hope with individuals in life crisis. And please pray for our efforts on the movie front. Safe travels and God-speed as you settle in Alabama! Stay in touch!

    Aunt Hope

  • shaina baggett says:

    hey, my name is shaina. I had never heard of hannah or her story, until wednesday at tylertown baptist church. her story is amazing and is still touching hearts. I broke down and cried during the scene bc of a recent church member going the same way on february 24. On our way home a girl accepted christ into her life. i wanted to say thanks and god bless your family you are all truly amazing.. And i see now that even though it has been 6 years she is still doing what she loves and changing lives.

  • Don and Nancy Carr says:

    We lost our daughter of 26 years of age on August 22, 2001 to problems with her pancreas. Whenever we hear of parents losing their children our heart melts and goes out to them. I brought a message to the high schoolers of our Christian school and used both the testimony of our daughter and of what I had read and heard about the life of Hannah Sobeski. I didn’t know Hannah but came to know her through research. God knows we miss them but have the assurance that they are in a much better place where we will join them one day.
    God bless Mr. and Mrs. Sobeski. Know that your daughter’s short life has touched ours and I will continue to spread her story to young people at our church and school.

  • Brittany Leverette says:

    I just wanted to say Thank You. I go to First Baptist of Landrum, and I thoroughly enjoyed your visit for the Women’s Event, as well as speaking on Sunday morning. I have been a Christian my whole life, and I am now 24 years old. You and your daughter’s ministry has CHANGED me; I no longer will let myself get in the way of God’s plan for me. I now know it is not all about my wants and needs — God has a bigger picture, and I want to be a piece of His puzzle. I know you still have struggles, but continue on. Walk forward knowing that this ministry touches people and changes lives. God is fullfilling His purpose through you. I will continue to pray for your strength and courage. I know that Hannah is looking down on you with pride, with that huge smile across her face.

    I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes, and allowing me to see through eternal perspective. May God bless you as you have blessed me.

  • Michelle Champagne says:

    God’s words & your words together are so encouraging. Thank you.

  • Glenda Griffin says:

    Today was the first time I have visited your web site. It was recommended to me by a face book friend of mine. I was so blessed by your devotional and it will become a part of my daily devotionals. I am anxious to continue reading and finding out more about Hannah’s Hope. My husband is a cancer survivor and everyday is precious for us. I look forward to the encouragement and blessing that I expect to receive.

  • Janice Johnson Cerdas says:

    Hope this is the first time I have visited this site. It is awesome. GOD BLESS YOU! Hope you are such an inspiration to many people through your many ministries.

  • Janna says:

    Hi, we met on the train today. I’m happy to see that you are so moved by your daughter’s life, that you have created this foundation in her honor. My only question is what are you doing beyond prayer, to assure that others will not have to die from cancer? It doesn’t appear to be part of your fundraising, and I think that raising money for cancer research would have a much greater impact than just praying and hoping.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Boston; it was a pleasure to meet you!

  • Alyssa says:

    My name’s Alyssa, and we actually met on the T this weekend. I am so blessed to have met two people as kind and loving as you and your husband. First things first, I did make it back to campus safely. And yes, the second I got there, I did call home:) I really hope your husband found his wallet and that you ended up getting that tour of Fenway. I just wanted to say that this is one of the most touching stories, and the both of you are extremely inspiring. My mom actually passed away from cancer when I was four, and her faith in God was still unwavering. That’s something that has always stayed with me, just remembering how she never lost her faith. Hannah’s story is beautiful, and I know that she must be looking down on you in Heaven and smiling. Keep spreading the love of Christ. You made my day yesterday, and I know that God must be doing huge things in both of your lives. I’m so happy to have been able to meet you. God brought us both to that T station just at the right time, especially because my bags were getting pretty heavy. I hope that the Lord leads you to great things in life.
    Praying for you,

  • Debbie says:

    Janna & Alyssa!

    What a blessing to hear from two new friends that we met on the Boston subway! Until a few hours ago I didn’t know what the “T” even was!! I had no idea if you would remember this web address but am so glad you did!

    We had a wonderful first trip to Boston – and met many new friends – several of those on the “T!” We made it home safely this evening even without Daddy’s wallet and are thankful to be home!

    I look forward to answering your questions Janna and promise to do so after a little rest! You are both beautiful young ladies and my life is richer because you were placed in my path!

    Until later –

    Love you,
    Ms. Debbie

  • glenda benoit says:

    I come to all of you again for prayers for my brother-in-law that was just diagnosed with small cell sarcoma and given 8-10 months to live. Please pray for his doctors and his spiritual healing and, if God’s will, let his life be extended. Thank you for putting my request on your prayer list.

  • Hope Houchins says:

    Glenda, I am so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. Please keep us posted on specific prayer needs. Thank you so much for allowing us to pray for you and your family. I trust you are doing well.

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